Salty dog

Just lately all the end-of-season fruit is so cheap. I’m a sucker for a bargain bucket of pink ladies or twofer Queensland strawberries, so when I go to the fruit market I go a bit mad, buying way more than I can use.

Case in point, the net of pink grapefruit – the winter fruit that feels like summer. I was working my way through but it was taking too long, so obviously I should dispatch them by whipping up a fancy cocktail. Strictly speaking what I made was a mixed drink and it couldn’t be easier. My friend Vic introduced me to the Salty Dog many years ago, and I am forever grateful. If you have a whizbang juicing machine, use it, because the frothinness of the juice makes this a true pleasure. I always use pink grapefruit not just because of the sweet and sour loveliness, but also because the colour of it is so beautiful and frangipani summery. If you do it without the salt, it’s called a Greyhound. Still good, but I say the salt is what makes it.

Pour out some salt into a tea saucer. I like to use the Murray River pink salt. You’ll need around one grapefruit per person. Juice the grapefruit. Rub a little around the rim of your glass. Then put the sticky rim into the salt to get a good all over crust. Drop a few ice cubes into the glass, and pour over a measure of vodka. Top up with the pink frothy grapefruit juice and stir. Woof.

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