It starts with an egg


This blog idea has been ticking away on our back burner for some time so it’s hard to say exactly when it began, though we reckon it might have been in a Diana stoneware ramekin.

When my cousin Jen got married there was a traditional pre-wedding do where guests were asked to bring a recipe. I chose one of my great store cupboard stand-bys – a blithely misnamed ‘Huevos Rancheros’ as rendered by the Family Circle Spanish cookbook from, I guess, the late 1980s. It’s an unapologetically daggy cookbook, and a bit old school Home Ec in its step by step approach and fear of spices, but it’s got good bones.

I’ve adapted the recipe a bit. Now it’s a tasty comfort dish of baked eggs in a tomato salsa, with a good kick of chilli and paprika going on under a crisp blanket of chorizo. So that’s what I picked to give Jen, and Julie said she would draw it, my Wednesday night kind of Huevos in my perfect-sized, light-brown Dianas.

And so she did, as we sat in the window seats at our local cafe on the morning of the party. We liked doing this, and we liked what we made. We thought other people would like it too, and that a blog would be a good way to get our food related words and pictures out to an audience. We let it marinade for a good long time and now here we are.

So welcome to Splayd and Crayon, our blog about food, which will feature Julie’s illustrations and my words, though I bet Julie will chip in some words of her own every now and then. And there may well be photos and links and whatever else we can think of. Subscribe to our feed. We home deliver.

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