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Julie is best known for her small business Cloth, which makes upholstery and furnishing fabrics, all designed by Julie in the Blue Mountains, and hand printed in rural NSW. The website is beautiful and you can buy fabric, soft furnishings, rugs, and clayware all online, or you can nip in for the full experience and personal service at Ascraft in Rushcutter’s Bay, Sydney or Prahan East in Melbourne.

Paterson is the name of Julie’s art blog. Here you can see her drawings, paintings, photos and words. You might see some of her early works being rediscovered, or a see a sneak preview of her new exhibition. Julie is writing a book and sometimes she writes about that on this blog. It’s a nice place to spend some time.

Cannywords is Amanda’s writing business. Her mission is to help other businesses find the right words to connect with their clients. Cannywords helps people represent their businesses in a way that is authentic and engaging. No fuss and fanfare, just good honest words for websites, blogs, newsletters, whatever you need.

When she’s in the zone, cosying up in a state of flow, Amanda likes to write flash fictions – wee vignetty stories, small concentrated little pieces that are quick to consume, intense and strong, like a shot of espresso. That project is called Small Stories, and she’d love you to subscribe or even just have a read.

Stop and think for a sec – which are the books that made you who you are? The Bookstack Project is what happens when people bring their most treasured books – the things they have read that have most shaped their values, their characters, their lives – to a designated place where they stack them, to become part of a biggish art installation which will morph into a community project. It’s fun and a little bit amazing, and Amanda wants to do it more often with anyone who’s interested.

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