The dog’s breakfast

At our place, not all food prep is for people. Our dog Harry needs feeding too. It has always struck me as odd that something disastrous is the dog’s breakfast but if you kit yourself out in your poshest gear you are dressed up like the dog’s dinner. What is that about? Either way, Harry likes her veg, which might seem odd, but is less so than you might suppose.

The RSPCA says dogs are omnivores who need natural foods like fresh raw meat, raw meaty bones and vegetables. Pumpkin is a particular favourite and that’s good because it’s full of potassium and vitamin A and antioxidants. It’s very good for their skin and fur and kind on the hip pocket. Here’s what you do. 

Cut up the pumpkin into smallish bits around 2 cm squares. You can leave the skin on. Chuck all of the pumpkin into a biggish saucepan and pour around 2 cups of water in too. Pop that on a burner and give it a stir every now and then till the pumpkin is soft and heading towards mushy. Then you turn off the heat and stir in some raw rolled oats or pearl barley, something to soak up any remaining liquid and add a bit more carby bulk so it becomes almost like a veg heavy risotto. Serve when it’s cooled obviously. We mix it in with Harry’s frighteningly expensive kibble, et voila, the dog’s breakfast. Or dinner. Depending on the time of day. 

*Of course, you should chat to your vet about your dog’s diet.

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