Why the name?

Why Splayd and Crayon?

You may be wondering. I am a big fan of the splayd, those hybridised eating irons that allow you to scoop and cut and prong. They are not just a retro curiosity. At our place we use them all the time. In my book they are still the perfect gift and yes, you can still buy them in flock covered snappy boxes from the Usual Suspects of Kensington in Sydney.

You may not have known that these treasures were designed in the 1940s by a fellow called William McArthur in Potts Point. The story goes he was moved to invent the splayd by a picture in a magazine of a woman at a party, struggling to manage cutlery and plates and a glass all at once. To me, the splayd signifies a spare sort of Australian practicality and a stainless steel pride in achieving less washing up. That’s what informs my writing here as much as possible. 

So the splayd is my department, more or less, and Julie’s is the crayon. Julie is a slightly obsessive drawer, always has been. She draws the things around her every day – things such as what we eat, the produce we buy, the raw ingredients and the finished dishes. So we thought we’d stir our two loves into the one place and dish up something tasty for you regularly. That’s the plan.

I like cooking. She likes drawing. We both like eating. Welcome to Splayd and Crayon.

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